August 12, 2014

I was so excited yesterday to discover a rather large box waiting for me at the post office - I had barely made it back to my car before the box was cut open using my car keys (yup, very resourceful) to reveal its contents - a brand new range of washi tape!

KIKUSUI tape is the CUTEST decorative tape - adorned with teacups and summer fruits and watercolour polka dots and rainy day umbrellas. Oh, and there's also KRAFT tape! Our favourite kraft paper, now in tape form - oh goodness I am giddy just thinking about all the things I can stick this tape on!

Kraft Paper Tape, $3.50 per roll (15mm x 10 metres)
Washi Tape, $4.75 per roll (15mm x 15 metres)

Available in our online store.


August 4, 2014

A few years ago I attempted to give up chocolate (crazy, I know!) so found myself experimenting with carob. This cake quickly became a favourite - even my chocolate loving friends give it a big tick of approval. And although chocolate is once again taking up space in my pantry, I still love to make this cake as I simply adore the flavour and fudge-like texture.

The original recipe for this cake can be found here. Since I am vegan I switched the butter for Nuttelex and used oat milk instead of dairy milk. I also used a gluten free flour blend as I try to avoid wheat. Oh, and you can easily halve the sugar!

All styling and photography by Ellie Beck.

I love to serve this cake with a layer of homemade jam on the inside and thick vanilla or carob frosting. A sprinkling of shredded coconut on top doesn't go astray either! 

Happy baking!

Round kraft stickers and chalkboard labels available in our online shop.


July 28, 2014

I recently had a crafty afternoon designing and making some new bunting to display on the Rabbit & the Duck stall, and this was what I came up with. A super cute combination of kraft card, washi tape, fun chalkboard stickers, and pretty twine to string it all together. I thought you may like to make some too!
Start by cutting out a template for the flag shape you want. I wanted a scallop shape but these flags would also work as squares, rectangles, triangles - whatever you like! Add 3.25cm to the top of your flag shape - this is the part that will fold over to thread your twine through.

Now cut out your flags, I used some scalloped edge pinking shears for extra scallop effect.

Next, score and fold the flap at the top of your flags. It's now time to decorate! I used a strip of washi tape across the top, and stuck a cute chalk board heart sticker in the middle. I had intended to write 'Rabbit & the Duck' on the stickers but somehow I miscalculated how many flags would fit across my stall so I was a letter short. Oops! You could write all sorts of messages on these flags, and the beauty of the stickers is that you can clean them off and write a new message if you want to use your flags for different things. Yay!

The final step is to stitch the flap of the flags down over your choice of twine. You could also stick them down at the back with more washi tape if you do not have a sewing machine. Or hand stitch them. Be creative!

You now have a new string of fun bunting flags to hang wherever you like!

Washi Tape, Sari Twine, Chalk Board Heart Stickers from Rabbit & the Duck.
Kraft Card from Plaza DJ.

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