The Perfect Weekend

August 24, 2008

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What does your perfect weekend involve?

This weekend I:
  • Visited my good friend Erin and her family, who cooked a delicious roast chicken and vege lunch for us (thank you Erin!)
  • Met Erin's cute new rabbit Buster for the first time
  • Got my haircut
  • Enjoyed the sunshine and went for a walk down High Street, Northcote, to check out a shop that sells divine vintage fabrics (lucky I had left my credit card at home)
  • Had the most delicious hot chocolate ever that was served by the friendliest waiter ever
  • Cooked french toast with fresh strawberries and maple syrup for breakfast (not the picture above, mine did not last long enough to be photographed)
  • Enjoyed a lovely dinner with friends on Sunday evening including a heavenly chocolate tart for dessert
  • AND met our friends new baby boy for the first time (just born yesterday!) - congratulations guys, he's a real cutie! 


  1. the french toast in the picture looks so good... i really wanted that yesterday but instead i dipped my strawberries in chocolate, yum!

  2. Strawberries in chocolate are great!

    I've been making way too much french toast recently - I've been having it for dinner sometimes as well (don't tell my boyfriend who has been away recently and can't tell me off for not eating better!).


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