When too much chocolate is not a good thing

September 17, 2008

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Why is it that as soon as you decide to start exercising and eat better - which includes not buying any more chocolate to have in the house due to lack of will power and the ability to eat an entire block of Lindt in one sitting - that the world decides to fill your life with free chocolate. Yes, free - and lots of it as well. In the past 2 days our household has received:
  • 2 huge boxes of after dinner chocolates FREE from Nescafe (80 chocolates in total!)
  • a block of Lindt 85% cocoa FREE from a family member
  • a new fruit and nut Toblerone they were handing out FREE at the shopping centre I work in
Of course, I should have just refused the chocolate. But that would be rude wouldn't it?

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  1. You just have to give in. Obviously the Universe is telling you that you are MEANT to eat Chocolate. But the good quality stuff. ;-)

    Having said that, blocks of Cadbury Black Forest do not cross the borders of our property as I can eat a WHOLE BLOCK without guilt, remorse or a sick tummy. It's the perfect digestible blend. Therefore, it should never come near me.

    But I don't have free chocolate, I have free fruit and the thrill is not the same.


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