An experiment of sorts

October 23, 2008

Of all the steps involved in creating a new product for my Etsy shop, I would have to say that photography is the trickiest part for me. The right lighting, the right angle, getting the colours right - one of these elements always seem to elude me! I've been experimenting with using a darker background for my journal shots - what do you think? 

PS This new scooter journal with the singing birds is now available in my shop!  

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  1. to be honest (and possibly annoying) i think i prefer your journals on a light background. they seem to stand out more. and yes, the photography is tricky, but it's one of my favourite parts! i may have taken well over 100 photos of that port label for my blog, but the satisfaction of getting it right in the end (or at least passable) made it all worthwhile!


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