Tis' the season

October 23, 2008

Working in retail, I am constantly reminded that Christmas is hurtling towards us at a rapid pace! Did you know there are less than 10 weeks until Christmas? Eek! I have set myself the goal of a fully handmade Christmas this year, and really need to get organised if I am going to have all my gifts completed in time. 

I have come across some cute Christmas ideas in the past couple of days:

Beautiful gift wrapping pack from Simple Song Designs.

Lolly bags from Poppies for Grace.

Greeting card from Little Paper Planes.

I think this weekend will be a good time to write my Christmas list...although there is also that nagging voice in my head that keeps telling me my tax return needs to be done. Hm decisions, decisions...  


  1. I should be writing a Christmas list this weekend too. I have to be extra organised this year because I am going interstate on the 14th December and won't be back home until the 24th.

  2. I love love love poppies for grace. I bought their cowboy lollybags for my little guy's party recently. Also just fell in love with your french cloud journal...so special

  3. love your work!, good luck with the Christmas list and the tax!


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