Making and Baking

November 16, 2008

I spent most of my weekend baking gingerbread cookies and sewing up luggage tags - and here is the result. Goodie bags filled with Christmas cookies for each of the lovely girls I work with, finished with their own personalised tag. I finished a couple of the cookies with a red and white stitched ribbon so you can hang them as a decoration, I did take some photo's but they were snapped in a rush and didn't turn out that great (I was still threading ribbon through the cookies when we were meant to be leaving for our afternoon picnic!). After my sewing machine spat the dummy at having to sew through so much plastic, I ended up having to hand stitch the luggage tags closed. Hand stitch! Although tedious I actually liked the hand stitched ones better. 

PS Sorry girls I couldn't figure out how to blur out your names! Must be all the champagne I had this afternoon!   


  1. that is so cool! i like the peek of the green and orange tag on the left.
    strangely enough, my sewing machine spat it on the weekend too. thankfully, i managed to fix it. (finally my mechanical engineering skills comes in handy for something important!)

  2. Oh xmas baking - so much fun!!!
    You are so organised... the pictures look great!

  3. Wow those look great especially in the cute decorated bags! I would love to be your colleague and recieve them! Instead I may just have to make some gingerbread men for me yum yum!

  4. They are wonderful. I'm doing the baked goods pressie idea too - so sweet.


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