Sunday Stash - a secret find!

November 30, 2008

Currently, approximately half of my fabric stash resides on a large wicker chair in the corner of our dining room. This week I made the tough decision to sell the chair (which I love even though I haven't sat in it for months) so I can make space for another bookcase to house all my sewing bits and pieces. I was tidying up last night and came across some more of this lovely orange botanical print. I thought I had run out, so was excited to discover this! Even though it's only a small amount, it's enough to make some pencil cases to match my journals. I can't wait to get started on them!


  1. I love this...I am sure it is Amitie's a Kooka right? Tam xo

  2. You are too good Tam! Yes it's Kokka and it's from Amitie : )


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