How icecream, sewing and dirty dancing all relate to each other

December 5, 2008

I have had my new sew on labels for a couple of weeks now, and until today all I had done was use them in some new pencil cases. The thought of having to sew them onto my journals was for some reason causing me much stress. What if I couldn't sew them on straight? Finally today I tackled my fear. I really don't know what I was so worried about - the labels went on perfectly! 

And here is the finished product - the london map travel journals I've mentioned before. It took me all day to finish these as I kept getting distracted, including a 2 hour stint on the sofa this afternoon eating icecream and watching Dirty Dancing. I love that movie.

In other news today, I noticed this weed growing out of the gutter on our front porch. Someone really should tend to that I suppose...


  1. (I love you Bloglines for letting me catch up on my favourite blogs when I have finished running around like a mad thing!). I love your labels, I plan on investing in some in Jan (got to get more serious aout my stuff and try to actually sell some instead of keeping them all for my self!), and the travel journal is orgeous. As for the weed in the gutter, it's beautiful! Don't move it, if you haven't already, I'm sure it is saying something profound and philosophical (weeds try so hard to tell us important things), plus it makes for a lovely photo!
    All the best for 2009 (in 14.5 hours)
    Crypt Stitch xx

  2. I love the labels, can I ask where you got them done?


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