A road trip

August 30, 2008

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The boy and I are off to Sydney for a couple of weeks! I have drawn up a detailed itinerary of all the shops and crafty places that need to be visited while we're there. There might be time for some touristy stuff as well. We'll be back soon, hopefully with lots of pics to share!

Like the above card? You can buy it here

Did someone say presents?

After 5 long weeks, my boyfriend arrived home on Thursday night from a holiday to the States and the UK. Before he left, I gave him a small shopping list of things to pick up for me. Did I ask for clothing? No. Jewellery? No. Instead, my list consisted entirely of stationery (I do love stationery). These are some of the spoils:
  1. Coloured pencils, kraft notebook and pencil case from Muji
  2. Sticky notes and mechanical pencil (you click the red eraser to make the lead come out!) from San Francisco MoMA
  3. Paper clips from Habitat
I'll be putting all of these to good use!

Happy Memories

August 26, 2008

I was sorting through some photo's tonight from a trip to Europe I took a few years ago, and came across this favourite of mine. I didn't even own a sewing machine back then, but was captivated by the gorgeous fabrics in this store and the little swatches pegged up so cutely in the front window. 

This was another favourite place I visited - a charming mercerie in the middle of the Marais district in Paris. Look at all those ribbons! I bought a fabulous pair of timber knitting needles from here - they are about 45 cm long and caused a few questions when going through customs on my trip home. And I still have some of the beautiful wool felt from this shop - it has taken years for me to find a project worthy enough to get the scissors out! 

I'm ready to pack my suitcase and jump on the next plane to Paris now...

The Perfect Weekend

August 24, 2008

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What does your perfect weekend involve?

This weekend I:
  • Visited my good friend Erin and her family, who cooked a delicious roast chicken and vege lunch for us (thank you Erin!)
  • Met Erin's cute new rabbit Buster for the first time
  • Got my haircut
  • Enjoyed the sunshine and went for a walk down High Street, Northcote, to check out a shop that sells divine vintage fabrics (lucky I had left my credit card at home)
  • Had the most delicious hot chocolate ever that was served by the friendliest waiter ever
  • Cooked french toast with fresh strawberries and maple syrup for breakfast (not the picture above, mine did not last long enough to be photographed)
  • Enjoyed a lovely dinner with friends on Sunday evening including a heavenly chocolate tart for dessert
  • AND met our friends new baby boy for the first time (just born yesterday!) - congratulations guys, he's a real cutie! 

Shop Update!

August 22, 2008

The skies cleared over Melbourne this morning long enough for me to take some photo's of these greeting cards I have been working on. They are made using fabric remnants left over from my notebooks, and each card has a hand stamped message on the front. They are blank inside for your own creative prose. Available in the shop now. 

On a totally unrelated topic, have you ever forgotten where you have parked your car? I happen to work in a rather large shopping centre in Melbourne, with many carparks, each with many levels. Normally I park in the same spot, but today decided to park somewhere a bit closer to where I needed to go. When I left work tonight it was quite busy, with cars stalking pedestrians for their spaces. A 4WD pulled up alongside me, and asked where I was parked. 'Just up here' I said, 'the green car'. However, when I got to the green car, it wasn't my car at all. After an embarrassed attempt at an explanation, the car next to the green car pulled out, saving me further humiliation as I attempted to look for my car. I eventually found it, just one row over. I think I'll go back to my normal car park next time!   

Fabric Goodness

August 21, 2008

image from superbuzzy

This super cute fabric arrived in the post the other day from one of my favourite online fabric stores - Superbuzzy.    

Even though I know to expect it (unless I have been on a fabric shopping spree and can't remember what I've been buying), I always give a little squeal when I get home and see the package waiting for me on the front porch.  

This fabric is a lovely cotton/linen blend with a very Scandinavian feel. After careful washing and ironing - my least favourite part of acquiring new fabric - it is now sitting on my work table (also known as the dining table) waiting to be made into something, perhaps a journal, with matching pencil case? It's always fun starting a new project - so many possibilities! 

I Want Candy

August 20, 2008

There has been a lot of the 'c' word going around today. No, not 'crafting', and definitely not that other 'c' word, but candy. I have given in to my cravings today. Has anyone seen the new double dipped cherry ripe in 70% chocolate? Twice I have had that bar in my hand and made it to the register, only to have a sudden last minute burst of willpower and put it back. But not today. And was it worth those few minutes of guilty pleasure? Definitely!

Knit One, Drop One

August 19, 2008

I remembered the other day why it was that I swapped my knitting needles for a sewing machine. I have been working on this scarf for less than a week and have already had to pull it out twice (although I admit the second unravelling was due to my lack of concentration during which time I knitted more rows than I should have). 

After consulting my trusty Stitch n Bitch book for the best way to undo my knitting without losing my mind, I still managed to drop a few stitches, which I think I have masterfully disguised. To an untrained eye at least.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't particularly enjoy having to unpick my sewing, but at least I can do so one stitch at a time without the worry of a huge hole or a major unravelling looming over me.

I'm sure once this scarf is finished and is sitting snugly around my neck all memory of the tears and swear words endured to complete it will be gone. At least I hope so, as I have another ball of delicious red yarn waiting to be knitted into a second scarf from the same pattern.  

Feeling brave enough to take on this scarf? Pattern and yarn from here

New Addition to the Family

August 18, 2008

So, I spied this cushion sitting in the front window of this store while I was in New Zealand recently. Every day I would walk past and peer in the window, hoping that the rabbit would still be there for me to visit. After the third day (and not being able to go during opening hours due to work commitments) I popped a little note under the front door proclaiming my love for the rabbit and my need to have that cushion in my possession. Would they please hold it for me?

The following day on my daily trek past the window I noticed the rabbit was gone. Please oh please be on hold, I said to myself. 

And so to the happy ending (I guess I gave it away with the photograph!) - when I finally made it to the shop the owner and I had a bit of a giggle about my note before the rabbit appeared, all lovely and waiting for me to figure out how to squish it into my already overstuffed suitcase. But that's another story...   

A message from the Rabbit & the Duck

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After many months of reading the blogs of all those talented crafty types that are out there, and toying with the idea of starting my own blog, I've finally done it!

So, why the Rabbit & the Duck? 

It may have something to do with:
  1. my childhood love of rabbits
  2. my favourite pair of slippers that make a 'quacking' sound when I walk
  3. the nicknames my boyfriend uses for me
  4. all of the above
What's important though is that I love to make stuff and always need to have a project (or 2, or 3) on the go!

I look forward to sharing some of my ideas and inspiration with you!

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