christmas coupon #1 redeemed

January 15, 2009

Determined to make Christmas a handmade affair, and struggling to think of a crafty gift that my boyfriend would appreciate, I decided to make up a batch of coupons for him to redeem throughout the year. I love to cook, and we both love to eat, so a set of food related coupons seemed to be the answer. 

Funnily enough, on Christmas morning I sat in bed unwrapping all manner of kitchen related gifts including a pair of shiny red mixing bowls, a new wooden spoon (Mr French - partner to Mrs French who is a smaller version of the same spoon), and some new cookie cutters. I put the bowls and spoon to good use today when the first coupon was handed to me.

These were my first attempt at making peanut butter and choc chip cookies. I can't begin to tell you how good these cookies are! They are gluten free as well so I can eat them too (there has been some argument as to whether the gift giver is allowed to eat some of the cookies, but I think I've managed to win that one, for now). If you decide to make these cookies, I recommend following the suggestions of others and put in less sugar and choc chips. I also added a bit of gluten free SR flour (but you could use normal flour) which worked a treat. to have another cookie and watch some new Gossip Girl episodes I think!    


  1. Would you believe that I don't think I have ever eaten peanut butter and choc chip cookies. I think I might just have to try making them. For the record I think the gift giver should definitely be allowed to eat the cookies, either that or just leave some mixture in the bowl and eat that while the biscuits are cooking - nobody would know!

  2. I love your profile blurb ... OMG you should see me dining table right now ...a pile of softies, 2 shoeboxes of assorted carting stuff, some old photos of my mum patting a reindeer ??

  3. I made the cookies with the adjustments suggested and they turned out really well. The only problem is that it is hard to stop at just eating one.

  4. Hi Shannon, I LOVE this idea!

    Allison x

  5. I am still thinking about these cookies days later. I need to make another batch. And yes, it's hard to stop at just one!

    Thanks for your comments ladies : )

  6. @Ruby-Jo... re "nobody would know"

    I would know RJ, I would know.
    Shannon made me another batch last friday and it was suspiciously smaller!

  7. Sorry Mp, I guess that is my fault.

  8. Thank god I'm not the only one who's in love with gossip girl. I've been keeping it on the down-low as a bit of a dirty secret! (Those cookies look amazing, btw. They're making me hungry!)


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