the effects of heat

January 30, 2009

image by predi

Fellow Melbournians will be very much aware of the sweltering heat we've been experiencing the past few days. My house has turned into an oven - even when it cools off slightly at night the temperature inside does not change. I've been wondering if it's ok to put my mattress on the front lawn and sleep there. It's getting desperate.

Today I was lucky enough to be offered a friend's apartment for the day so I could get some work done. Oh what bliss to be in air conditioned comfort all day, happily sewing away! Thank you Carly!

But my happiness has come to an abrupt end when I arrived home and opened my pantry to see a trickle of chocolate dripping out. Why didn't I think a few days ago to put the 5 or so blocks of chocolate we have into the fridge? I'm not sure they can be saved but I've carefully moved what I can into a cooler place. It might be time to do some baking of chocolate cakes, chocolate tarts, or anything else that requires dark chocolate. Or perhaps an iced chocolate, yes that is sounding good!  


  1. Totally know how your feelin' right now.I'm Trying to get stuff ready for sisters market next week too, but i'm just buggered by the end of the day in this heat.
    hope it's not this hot on the day, I'm in the atrium, (no airconditioning there)

  2. I know what you mean about sleeping on the lawn. Our power went out last night so we went and sat on the front porch with our feet on the lawn and a gin and tonic each. It was the coolest I have been all week!

  3. I definitely feel for you Melbournians, and those in Adelaide. I have no idea how Sydney has managed to get off so easily, though it certainly hasn't been cool up here!

    Hope it's much cooler next week for you :-)

  4. I totally get you...that photo makes me hot...Tam xo


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