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January 8, 2009

Today's project = business cards. 

I had so many ideas in my head, and toyed with the idea of getting some cards professionally printed, but in the end I wanted my cards to have that handmade feel to them. This is what I came up with - a brown kraft card, hand stamped with my logo on one side and my contact details on the reverse. And finished with some stitching down the side.

I have started with 50 cards, and while I absolutely love them, I do admit it might not be that realistic to make my own if I am going to be handing them out a lot. After cutting and stamping this first batch, my arm was already getting tired! Do you think this counts as exercise? I'd much rather make business cards than lift weights at the gym!


  1. Hi Shannon,

    Your business cards are absolutely fantastic!
    Very good and personal idea.

  2. Your business cards look really good, I think it is nice to have cards that are handmade like your products. I have really complicated ones that involve cutting out a flower shape out of my brooch fabric scraps and then sewing it to the cardboard. It drives me nuts to make them but everyone always comments on how great they look. After each batch I swear I won't do it again but I keep doing it.

  3. They're really sweet. I think people are less likely to toss them out if they are handmade. And yes, stamping definitely counts as a gym workout!

  4. keep doing them...they're the kind of card that a girl will pin to her inspiration board, or tuck into the corner of her mirror. I believe, that in the end, you will be remembered more for these than a printed card. I'm looking forward to receiving one when I place my next order (hint hint)

  5. The cards look great! And I would definitely say it counts as exercise :)

  6. They look great - I am a fan! and I agree with everyone else - handmade is definitely more memorable!


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