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January 22, 2009

Despite the hideous weather in Melbourne today (think hot, windy, dusty) I decided to venture out to look for a birthday present for a certain someone (I am not going to mention anymore about this just in case they are reading!). I did make some progress on the gift buying front, but I also found some treasures for myself.

The wooden boxes were a bargain at only $8 each and will be perfect for my market stall. The bonus with these is that they have already been sanded and painted! I have a matching box at home that I bought a few months ago in its original condition, there was a half-hearted attempt at cleaning and sanding it recently but I have a feeling it won't get finished anytime soon.

The brown bag on the left is from a cute store called Woo's, I love the simple packaging with the wooden peg. There are some things in there for the previously mentioned certain someone.

I was very excited to find the trims shown - the yellow measuring tape is a nice cotton twill, and my favourite, the heart tape, came all the way from Sweden to the delightful shop Est, where I pounced on it. 

And lastly, on the right, some new cookie cutters, which I may or may not use for a certain Hallmark occasion coming up next month.

Before I sign off, I just wanted to introduce you to Claude (the bird). I discovered this lovely shop today while on my travels, and they have just started a blog - so pop over and say hi : )

Time to give my credit card a rest I think.


  1. i love the measuring tape trim! was that from est too? i couldn't find it in their online store. not sure what i'd do with it, but i'd think of something!

  2. The measuring tape came from Rock, Paper, Scissors, my local scrapbooking store. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it either! And I don't usually like yellow. But it was too cute to leave there.

  3. Hi Shannon!

    I LOVE those wooden boxes - they will be great at the markets!! What a bargain too!

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for v-day...

  4. Thank you for your lovely plug Miss Shannon. Divine to have you visit - I am looking forward to seeing your new delightful bird goodies...and any other gorgeous treats for Claude.

  5. Adorable little boxes. So jealous of the all the cool stuff you can find in Melbourne!

  6. daniel is in melbourne at the moment (watching the tennis) and I am jealous. But apparently I would turn the trip into a rather expensive expedition so I had to stay home.
    I'm loving those boxes!

  7. How fantastic wooden boxes you have found!
    I'm so jealous but also happy for you.
    Have a nice weekend!


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