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February 3, 2009

Why is it that when you have a lot to do, time seems to whizz by in a blur and you get to the end of the day and think to yourself - what have I been doing all day?

I've realised that I may not tick off every box on my long list of things to do before the weekend. But I'm happy with what I have achieved and I'm sure no-one will notice if I haven't sewn up those few extra pencil cases.

Today I gave the fabric hearts I cut out yesterday a new life on some greeting cards and gift tags:

On the left are some felt heart ornaments I've been stitching. More colours to come!

And below is my afternoon project - button making. I didn't know it was possible to sustain an injury from this activity, but it is. I had to stop after about 30 or 40 buttons as my thumb was aching from pushing the button backs on. And later this evening, I went to stretch out my right arm and couldn't, I think I may have strained a muscle! I was eating icecream at the time, perhaps this was the universe trying to tell me something? 

My favourite button is the little yellow bird near the centre, though the red singing bird is a close second! 


  1. Hi Shannon,
    Your envelope cluthes are gorgeous!!!!! Best of luck with the market, I want to be there, but we're going camping... I'm popping in to chadstone after work tonight (bout 5?) so I'm going to see if you're in Kikki K, and I'll come say hi!
    So envious of your talent, you are an inspiration!
    Jess xxx

  2. i am so impressed with your productivity! i'm really hoping to step things up this year (as soon as i learn some new skills) and you're very inspiring!

    p.s. i think my favourite button is the orange one with circles of circles in the bottom right of the photo. ooh, the folt oness are nice too. and the orange and white stripes. and i love birds. and spots. don't make me choose!

  3. me love love love the birds but you just knew that would be the case didn't you. also, where did you get the card boxes from - just perfect for display and would look divine in Claude! Always looking....good luck on Saturday - put lots of drinks in the freezer and take a bucket with ice - going to be 43 degrees

  4. love all of it. Can I buy some v day things before the 14th? Will they be in your shop?

  5. This bowl of buttons is delicious! I love making these into thumbtacks and magnets. Someday I'll actually get around to a button.


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