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February 7, 2009

Well, the market is over! It seems that 46 degree heat with dust and wind thrown in to boot really does make people want to stay at home. Although a quiet day, I had lots of fun chatting to other stall holders and still managed to make enough sales to cover my costs for the day, so I'm happy. And the good news is that I will be slowly updating my Etsy shop this week with lots of new stock! For now, here is a pic of my stall. Please excuse the quality, the lighting in the hall wasn't that great for taking photo's, and even though I tried, I can't work out how to make them look better in my photo editor.

I'm already thinking about the next market and some new products I want to try...stay tuned!


  1. Hi Shannon, it was lovely to meet you at the market yesterday! The heat certainly didn't attract many people but you have some great stuff! I'm sure the next market will be more successful.
    Btw: your stall looked great too!

  2. I am impressed. Your stall looks fantastic. It's a shame about the turnout. It got up to 47.3 degrees where we are - which is absolutely crazy! I didn't venture outside the house until 6.30pm. At least you made enough sales to cover your costs.

  3. Hi Shannon,
    I spoke with you yesterday at your stall - I was the one who might start my own stall one day soon!
    Your products looked fantastic and I'm glad that you made some sales! Congratulations on such a success on a very trying day! :)
    I look forward to possible seeing you again at a market soon.

  4. Thanks girls for all your comments! I look forward to seeing you all again at the next market : ) And Susan - I can't wait to see what crafty goodness you come up with : )

  5. your stall looks fantastic!
    sorry to hear about the heat keeping people away, but at least you've got lots of stock for etsy!

  6. Your stall looks so lovely! I would have been drawn there, if I could ever leave the house with a cranky newborn who screams constantly in the car! Argh!

  7. Shannon, just a quick question - can you please tell me the name of the site where you got those tags? I've been searching but can't recall! This is the first step in developing my stall...

  8. If you mean the sew on label tags, I get mine from Fancyweaver : )


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