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February 6, 2009

This morning I took a break from crafting to go out for breakfast. The Eurodore in Port Melbourne had been recommended to me and it lived up to expectation. This cafe has a great deli section as well, I wish I had taken some photo's of the cakes and tarts but I was worried I would get caught! I will be going back so perhaps next time : )

After enjoying some sunshine this morning I am now back at home, and need to finish off some last minute things for the market tomorrow. I've been putting off the not so appealing task of hemming the piece of fabric I have bought for a table cover. I was thinking of leaving it as is but it would probably bother me all day to look at it and see uneven ragged edges. So ironing and hemming it is. Yup. Going to do it now. Really. 


  1. I wish i could make the market ,but i`m stuck in Auckland till Wednesday.

    Best of luck


  2. good luck for the market - im sure it will be a success and can;t wait to hear how it goes! Hope you are enjoying your family being around too. Loving the buttons too by the way. Lynelle


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