sunday stash: a love story

February 22, 2009

I know we've all seen this fabric many times before on various journals, clutches and pencil cases, but I have a love story to share and it involves this print, so please bear with me : )

My love affair with the french clouds began early last year when I was just learning to sew. I bought a metre of it from duckcloth and began stitching away on some sample journal covers (I should have started with calico perhaps but I am impatient). I quickly used up the metre I had and decided to buy more. But there was a problem - duckcloth did not have any left! After searching high and low for more and not having any luck, the lovely Leslie from good-ness offered to try and find some for me on her next fabric shopping outing in Japan. I was in luck, so ordered a few more metres, knowing this may be the last time I would have the opportunity to buy some.

This is where the story gets good : ) While searching online for the black bird fabric in my previous sunday stash post, I discovered jack and gill - an online store selling mostly handmade items for children. They have a small fabric section in their shop - and when I clicked to have a look I discovered most of the fabrics I use - including the french clouds - at heavily discounted prices. Plus they are in Australia! I was so excited I bought all of their remaining red french clouds, plus a few metres of the same print in black. I would definitely check them out if you have a love of japanese fabrics, they have some echino on sale as well.

I do enjoy a good love story, particularly one with a happy ending! 


  1. I do love that print and I love a love story that involves fabric even more :)

  2. What a fabulous story, I'm off to check them out. There's nothing worse than running out of your fave fabric!

  3. The thrill of the hunt! So exciting to find a bargain on something you love so much!

  4. You know how much I love this fabric...I could never find it in red:(

  5. I know that feeling of just having to have a fabric, the searching high and low for it is so worth it when you have the fabric in your hands!


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