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February 23, 2009

image from tablecalender

See that measuring tape trim in this photograph? I have become obsessed with trying to find some. A customer came into my shop today, and she had this cute black top on. Around the bottom of it several slits had been cut, and this trim had been woven through them, and tied up at the front. I almost offered to buy the top off her back I loved it so much, but that may have warranted a formal complaint. So, I have been searching online for the trim, but so far have only found this photograph. *sigh* I think my good luck with the french clouds has made me giddy with hope and high expectations. Red measuring tape trim, where are you?

Thanks to the generous nature of the blogging community, I have located some tape measure trim! The lovely Fiona from tablecalender has found the exact trim in the photograph at myetsyshop. Why I didn't think to look on Etsy last night remains a mystery (actually, I remember now, they were down for maintenance). I've also managed to find the trim in other colours! There is going to be lots of tape measure love in my house tonight (and a big dent made in my Paypal balance). Thanks also to Shannon from Aunty Cookie, who offered to post me some trim she had at home. You guys are fabulous!


  1. Hi there, I love your blog, it caught my eye (I love sewing/making things also). About the measuring tape trim, I found a handbag (really soft leather) with this as a trim also online, I didnt get it at the time and I could kick myself, but if I find it again I will drop you a line, maybe they have a clothes line too!

  2. right. i'm going to start actively looking for it. it's only fair after you kindly sent me some of the yellow tape measure trim!

  3. sorry to say this but I got some B&W one similar from good ole spotters ages ago....maybe a year?

  4. Perhaps I've underestimated spotlight until now. I will have to have a thorough look through their trims section next time I'm there!

  5. I love the trim, especially because it is red. Hope you have some luck finding it.

  6. love the trim. . .http://sidewayz-thedriftphilosophy.blogspot.com/

  7. that trim was worth the search!

    About the stamp pad I used, it seems to work fine for me. It's an artline pad & you can buy ink to refill it. I've only used it a couple of times so far but have been happy with the results.

    Now I'm off to drool over some of the fabric in your recent posts!

  8. that's cool trim ... i can see a headband made of that trim


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