i love ticking boxes

March 22, 2009

Oh, how I would love one of these notepads in my car so I could vent my frustrations (anonymously of course, I'm not wanting to get involved in any road rage incidents!) at all those drivers out there that get on my nerves.

This and other great stationery available from Knock Knock. I promise you will have a giggle at some of the crazy things they come up with.


  1. Glad you're back! I love that notepad--might be a way to work out some of that aggression. I've often thought a loudspeaker on top of my car might be therapeutic (but might end me up in jail!)

  2. Welcome back Shannon :)

    Thanks for your comment...I am really excited about testing the waters in Melbourne...and now I can look forward to meeting you as well! x.


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