raindrops are falling

March 4, 2009

Today has been the most glorious day in Melbourne - it has been raining! Many of you may be thinking 'what is this crazy girl on about?', but it has been so long since we have seen decent rain here. I'd almost forgotten what it was like having to dash from the car to a covered awning so as not to get drenched, or how nice it can be to listen to the rain and wind outside while sitting all warm and snug inside. Perfect weather for Etsy browsing...I thought I would share a few favourites in keeping with today's theme: 

1. Love Card by Wheeler Studio
2. Nimbus Cloud Earrings by Grace Handmade Jewellery 
3. Raincloud Egg by Craft Cake Designs
4. Wow Rainjacket by Emily Katz
5. My Red Umbrella by Carambatack
6. Umbrella Buttons by Buttons and Such

When do you become too 'grown up' to go jumping in puddles?


  1. It's been raining here too!

    Thanks for the button mention, it really makes my day to see them appreciated :)

    You've got a nice blog going on here, I'll be back!

    Off to visit your store now! :)

  2. I love those cloud earrings--they are adorable. It's been snowing like crazy here where I am, so I'd prefer the rain, too!

  3. Enjoy the rain:) It is so nice doing crafty things, and sipping coffee while listening to rain pitter patters! My favourites are those umbrella buttons - too cute!

  4. It's great, isn't it?;-) I love the rain, I love the grey sky, the cold, getting wet.. I must be crazy too! That is what months of drought are doing to us..
    btw: I love your Etsy finds too! I have come across the print of the red umbrella on the old book page before, it's sooo pretty!

  5. It's raining again now! I've done more painting in the last few days than in the whole of February (and possibly January as well). It just makes me feel so crafty and warm!

  6. It's so good to hear it's raining down there, much needed I'm sure!

    I love this collection of rainy day items.

  7. Nice raincoat! We're supposed to have lots of rain this week up here in Queensland so looking forward to a bit of puddle jumping..

  8. Im totally loving the rain too! Had to go and get L some gumboots and we are having a ball splashing about. My garden has loved it too- cherry tomatoes a-plenty!

  9. I love the rain also. It's so relaxing and when it's raining very hard I enjoy staying at home.
    I hope that it won't rain here in Finland yet because I want to go cross-country skiing even one more time.

    Thanks for sharing your etsy founds.

    Have a nice weekend!


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