sunday stash: with thanks

March 22, 2009

image courtesy of greenolive design


I'm back. 

It may be a slow start, as there is not much creating going on around here at the moment, but I didn't want to stay away too long. I felt a bit naughty... reading all your blogs, hearing about what you've been up to... and not reciprocating. 

I wanted to say a big thanks for all the comments and emails I have received recently, it is a comforting feeling to know I am part of a wider network of craftsters and bloggers who take the time to write to someone they have never met in person. I love hearing from all of you : )

OK. On with the show... a bit of a late post, but I did end up attending the Stitches and Craft Show last week. It's all a bit of a blur but I did meet some great people (it's good to put faces to names) including Martine from greenolive textile design (that's her lovely stand pictured above). Martine screen prints the most gorgeous linens, and I was lucky enough to receive some of her designs including my favourite type one. They have been added to my stash, and I am already dreaming of what I am going to make them into.

A big thank you also to Elissa (Kelani) and Shannon (Aunty Cookie) for showing my wares on their stand. You gals are great, and your stand looked fantastic (and was constantly busy too - congratulations!). 

Happy Sunday everyone. 


  1. It's great that you are back. I hope you are doing okay.

  2. I'm so happy that you are here again. I have visited here and hoped that you would make a new post. Now you did. Thank you!

    Have a good Monday! Hopefully everything is all right.


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