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April 6, 2009

I can't wait to get my hands on these new stationery essentials from Kikki K. I love working at this store, there is always something fun and different to play with:

Dinner party invitations, for all the events I will be hosting in my new place.

Individual recipe cards that you can fill out and post to friends.

And these, well, I just want these. I don't really have a need for coat hanger shaped paper clips. But they are red. And super cute. 

I will be dreaming of a more organised life tonight. There are still boxes everywhere here, I wish I could fast forward a couple of weeks to a day where I'm all unpacked and settled into my new place!


  1. I absolutely envy the fact that you work at Kikki K .. I ordered a few things via mail last year & one of my little goals is to have my own shop with my own products and be able to stock Kikki K products .. 'ahhh ..sigh' .. hehe

  2. love those paperclips!! and i adore stationary too. i don't know how you don't spend all your pay in the store. then again, maybe you do!

  3. What gorgeous stationary! Wish we had Kikki K here in Scotland! Maybe some day!

  4. those paper clips are indeed tempting!


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