together again

May 29, 2009

I am happy to say that the rabbit and the duck have been reunited at last. I found the rabbit today, hiding out in this shop on High Street, Northcote. How he got there, I do not know. I hope he enjoyed his little holiday.

I absolutely love Northcote, it has such a great creative feel to it. It seems I am always over there, last weekend I made the trek from my place (on the opposite side of the city) on both of my days off. I ended up spending the night at a friend's place to avoid driving back a third time. And tomorrow I am heading over that way again, to catch up with the girls at CERES organic farm. I think I just need to move over there. But not yet. I still have 10 months on my lease. But after that....yes, I think a move might be in order. 

In other home-related news, I have been thinking about possible options to decorate a big blank wall in my bedroom. While walking home from the grocery store this afternoon (weighed down by a pumpkin, more about that later) I popped into the newsagent to flick through my favourite interior mags. I opened the page to a fabulous picture of a coathanger collection, displayed on random hooks across a wall. Perfect! But where does one find gorgeous vintage wooden hangers? I may have to start visiting more op shops and trash n treasure markets. I did discover these beauties on Etsy, which has inspired me to decorate some of my own hangers, just to get started. I wonder if my collection will look as good as the one in the magazine despite having to use 3M removable hooks? Hm, we'll see.

Wooden coathangers by Paloma's Nest.

And now back to the pumpkin. The cooler weather has had me thinking about pumpkin soup all week. Tonight I finally gave in and made a big batch, using this recipe. So good! I'm now all warm and full and motivated to get crafting. 

See you tomorrow!


  1. I am so pleased duck and rabbit are now reunited. Lovely to meet you today, I will stop and say Hi next time I see you at one of the markets.

  2. Just now, Andy and I were talking about how we wished it was Fall here, because our apple cereal smelled like Fall. Lucky you, pumpkins and all! :)


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