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June 22, 2009

Ok creative geniuses that I know you are - I am in need of some artistic advice! This Thursday I am getting a new tattoo, but I keep changing my mind as to what I want to get done. I possibly should have been 100% decided before I paid my non-refundable deposit, but the wheels are in motion so before I commit I wanted to gather a few opinions.

So, I have narrowed it down to two options. 

Option 1: A sewing needle and thread on my foot. Possibly with some buttons around it. Am undecided about the buttons - will this be too much? 

Option 2: Buttons on the inside of one wrist. Sewing needle and thread on the inside of the other wrist. 

What does everyone think? Where else are good locations for tattoo's? Keeping in mind I already have one on my back (I may reveal this to you at some stage!). And I have also crossed my shoulder/chest off the list after discussions with some friends. I want something visible, a bit fun, but not too obvious. 

Let the discussion begin : )

EDIT: Just spied this great button tattoo on Flickr - the chest is back as an option!


  1. I like the buttons on the wrist idea!

    Positioning is tough!

  2. Wowzer. I would say unless you're 100% sure, don't get something on your wrist! At the risk of sounding old fashioned, I think tattoos in places like that you have to be CERTAIN about!

    I like the needle & thread idea. Or a rabbit.

  3. Oh, you are getting a tattoo, how cool! I have one on my arm and another one on my ankle. I think the ankle is a great spot as it's visible in summer but you can also hide it if you want to. Foot seems like a good spot too (must be painful though!!). I like the idea of the sewing needle and thread with some buttons, you could always start off with one or two buttons and add more...:-)

  4. I would choose somewhere that will hurt the least! Although if you already have one then I guess you are alright with the pain factor. I just love the button tattoo you linked to on flickr. Would a tattoo on each wrist be too much maybe? Not sure. I am interested to hear what everyone else says.

  5. the wrist idea. definitely.

    to address others visibility concern:
    i make super wrist bands (from cotton fabric) that would be perfect for those days you wanted to be secretive.

    if you went with the ankle, i think buttons would be too much.

    best of luck!
    love the ideas (coincidentally i just bought these button AND the needle&thread stamps

  6. how very exciting! I think both options are great. I really want a foot tattoo, but i am a big wuss and don't like having my feet touched...if you have your foot done I might be so incredibly envious it'd make me do it too ;)
    As for the wrist - I have buttons and thread on my wrist so I would have to say that's a wonderful idea. I also love the buttons on your chest idea. Sorry, I am not very helpful, am I?

  7. so if you go the needle/thread route on your foot, don't do the buttons...i think its a bit much. But I love the wrist ideas. And I'm totally stealing one of these ideas from you. I was thinking about getting my sewing machine tattooed on me somewhere...but a needle/thread is way cooler

  8. I think the foot! At the risk of sounding like a nana...don't you think you should be going to get a tattoo with your heart set on something? Sorry to be a nana!
    Now I see you are at the sonny & coco market - are they worth a visit? I am in Melbourne for that weekend and might try to make it, but I have to limit how many fabric shops and markets I go to for the sake of my very kind husbands sanity.

  9. I love tattoo discussions!

    One piece of advice I've always thought very sage is, "Don't get a tattoo anywhere a judge can see it." So personally I'd go for the foot.

    How about getting the needle and thread for now, and getting the buttons added at a later date if you decide they're absolutely what you want?

    Proud owner of two tattoos...

  10. me likes the wrist one. man her buttons in that link are ace....Im a fan of the inner forearm tatt myself. how exciting, nothing like a bit o' body art.

  11. my two cents...

    #best tattoo ever: a fan got conceptual artist, jenny holtzer to write her famous line "protect me from what i want" on his arm, then he went and got it tattoed.

    #the melbourne illustrator/softie maker, Ghost Patrol does AMAZING tattoos

    #i hastily got a tattoo when i was 17. i regret it and am now deeply terrified of the word "permanent".

  12. the needle and thread sound great and i like the wrist idea. will the thread be on a spindle or just a free length? i'm not quite so sure about the buttons, but maybe you could add some later?

  13. I love the motif that you're thinking about, but I think the foot would definitely be the right place.
    It's a bit risky around the wrist.

  14. I would go for option 1. Good luck, your very brave. Tattoo's are not for me, scared of needles!

  15. oh you brave girl! Love the idea:) I would go with the least painful spot, but I am a bit wimpy!!

  16. Just stumbled upon your blog's great! While I have no tattoo advice to offer, I totally can't wait to see what you pick!

  17. We are in suspense waiting to find out what you finally decided on.


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