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June 2, 2009

I'm going to show you the new linen zip pouch I've been working on! This one is actually a gift for someone, so I feel a bit naughty posting it here, but the gift recipient is not expecting it, so I thought I could get away with it. I hope you're not over the apple fabric yet. I also whipped up a little bird softie this afteroon, with the apple print as the wings. Cute! 

As soon as I stock up on zips, I will be making more of these pouches. It's hard to tell from the photo, but it's a lot larger than the normal cases I do. This one measures 25cm x 18cm - perfect to keep all your stuff secure inside a larger bag. Matching linen journals are also on the drawing board...

Speaking of drawing boards (hm, no pun intended?) I've been wanting to make myself a new inspiration board to hang above my work table. Yesterday I ventured in to Bunnings and bought myself some MDF, some hooks, and some blackboard paint! I've just put the first coat on and will hopefully be able to reveal the finished product on Friday once everything has dried and I've attached everything. The plan is to have hooks down the side so I can attach some string to peg my stuff to. I've also bought some bigger hooks which I'll put across the bottom, so I can hang things off like my orders, bills to pay etc. It will be so great to be organised! Currently all my orders and ideas are scribbled onto various bits of loose paper and in random notebooks, I'm sure I'm going to lose something if I'm not careful. 

Hm, time to open a window I think...the paint fumes are getting a bit strong in here!


  1. Nice little bag!

    And i love the blackboard idea!
    Im always up for some improvements on organizing my studio, orders, life, house, food..

  2. show us the little bird softie!! :D

  3. Like the pouch, and no not tired of the apple fabric. :-)

  4. What a cute bag for a lucky someone! Can't wait to see your inspirational board completed and hung!

  5. I have an inspiration board above my work area and it does inspire me a lot- I scribble ideas into a notebook as well and then flick through when I feel like making something...


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