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June 1, 2009

It's certainly been awhile since I've unveiled any new crafty things on this blog. I almost didn't get a chance to photograph these today - when I stepped outside it started raining! I quickly snapped a couple of pics and dashed back in to the warmth of my living room.

These are some of my favourites - I'm totally loving the new apple fabric, and of course, the tape measures don't need any introduction here.

These magnet sets and more will be available at the upcoming Sisters Market on June 13. I only have a few sets left, but not to worry, I've just ordered another 200 self-cover shells so there will be no shortage of magnets at future markets!


  1. Wow! I LOVE these! Are you going to put some online too I hope? :) K

  2. Thanks Kylie : ) I will definitely be adding some to my Etsy shop once my next delivery of parts arrives : )

  3. Love them! Dare I say the magnets are very happy fun looking, if you can such a thing? Looking forward to seeing them at the Sisters Market

  4. The magnets look great, so cheerful:-) I'm sure they will be a bestseller at the market!

  5. Oh the measuring tape ones are AWESOME! Love the old typeface used! Will definitely try and drop by at the Sisters market to pick some up.
    I've been messing with making bracelets out of measuring tapes (not very successfully). Need to find some old vintage fabric ones instead of the yucky plastic ones they make these days...

  6. They look great Shannon! 200 more should keep you busy, busy:)

  7. now these are just too too cute. Some for Claude? He would be very happy - loves and apple but really partial to a piece of measuring tape! He has an eclectic palette!

    - miss Claude x x


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