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August 7, 2009

I am feeling a bit nostalgic tonight after reading this post over at Cravings Frocks.

This cookbook was a favourite for my sister and I. In the lead up to our birthdays (both in March) we would spend hours looking at all the pretty cakes, trying to decide which one we wanted. Poor Mum, she always did an amazing job at recreating the intricate details on some of the cakes - my favourite I think was the grandfather clock cake, with licorice hands and smarties all over the sides.

Anyhow, as I got a bit older, I decided I wanted to try and bake one of these cakes for myself. This was before I knew how baking actually worked. I decided to attempt the caterpillar cake. I mixed something up and stuck it under the grill. Needless to say it didn't turn out. As Mum was cleaning up the mess, the doorbell rang. Then I remembered I had invited 10 or so friends over from school for an impromptu party (there was meant to be cake, afterall). I hadn't mentioned that to Mum. She did a very good job of covering for me by whipping out some chips and other snacks (our family always had good snacks on hand). I felt a bit guilty after it all, as most of the kids bought me presents!

We live and learn. Thank you Mum. 


  1. I'm a March baby too and vividly remember this book from my childhood. Especially the 'pool' cake complete with jelly and bullets.

  2. The caterpillar cake wasn't even for your birthday? Oh, that's so funny. Good on your mum for covering for you.

    I'm still trying to win an eBay auction, the books go for $20+ with postage on top, and one went for $40 yesterday! There must be a lot of nostalgic 80s kids out there who've got their own kids' birthdays coming up.

  3. Ooh we had the same book! I spent a lot of time deciding which cake I wanted every birthday. I distinctly remember that mum made me the swimming pool one. I think I still have a photo of that somewhere. I think mum still has the recipe book too.

  4. We always had those cakes too! (But I never did anything like that, naughty Shannon!) Once I made a fairly good recreation of a ladybird cake!

  5. We also hads the book and as soon as I started reading the post i was remembering the very important choice about which cake to get mum to make! Go mum!!

  6. Oh - memories.. I had a similar book that I adored when I was younger, so many yummy, yummy treats!

  7. LOL at you making the caterpillar cake! THat is too funny. And you got presents too? Hee!


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