i heart mail pencils

August 30, 2009

image credit: postal press

Loving these red 'i heart mail' pencils from gorgeous online stationery store Postal Press.

They make me want to pull out some paper and write a handwritten note to someone nice. 

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? I think there should be more 'real' mail in the world (and not just of the bill variety!). Perhaps this week we should all aim to write at least one letter or card to a friend, just because. Who will join me? 


  1. wonderful idea, I totally agree there is nothing like giving or receiving a hand written card or letter!

  2. Thank-you for the link to Postal Press, what lovely stuff they have.

  3. Whoops! you just left me a lovely comment. But unfortunately i was just trying to be a bit brave with my blog and move the size of the pictures. It's a complete nightmare! I deleted the picture so your comment won't show. Drat! please bear with me whilst i try and upgrade my brain.

  4. That's too cute!! You know Brown Owls are having a pack a pen pal pack next Monday night. You should come along! I hope to be there!

    Long live the pen!

  5. oh, I love that pencil!

    and no, it's not weird to think of hot air balloons as good luck omens. You're probably right too. I saw them when I first came to Melbourne, and it was such a great period of my life, hehe, so it was very fitting :)


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