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August 22, 2009

This is the inside of my TV cabinet. You may notice there is one significant thing missing - the TV. That is because while lying in bed this morning thinking about possible options for extra storage space for Rabbit & the Duck, I decided to remove the TV from my home and life once and for all. It really wasn't a difficult decision - the TV I had was old, tiny, and had bad colour. It also emitted a high pitched squealing sound whenever it was on. I actually hadn't turned the TV on for over a month, so I don't really think I'll miss it. And now I have all this extra space - yay! 

I'm in super organising mode this morning - I'm off to the supermarket soon to buy bits and pieces for a few projects I've been meaning to finish. Like hanging pictures on the wall. And putting up a new work planner next to my blackboard - Penny suggested drawing up a chart and filling it in with everything I need to do, and then crossing it off as I complete things (calendar style). I love this idea - easy to read, and a visible reminder of everything I have achieved when I am feeling overwhelmed and that there are not enough hours in the day!

Happy weekend to you all : )


  1. Great work, love a de-clutter. Getting rid of your TV reminded me of the challenges that Oprah (yes I I watch that show)gives to families. Not to watch TV, use computers etc. The family ends up deciding that they don't miss their TV's. Interesting. Have fun at the shops.

  2. Amazing stuff! as long as you do not get rid of your computer you will be ok, if there is something you feel you need to go and watch then you can go to a friends house to do so.
    I admire you for this.

  3. Yay no TV! There's always youtube :)

  4. if you get lonely, we have a spare TV you can have. We got a new one just yesterday. See one goes out, another comes in...

  5. Wow I have been thinking of doing this, as there doesn't seem time in my life for TV. Plus all the more storage for fabric!


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