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August 13, 2009

One of the challenges of working full-time while trying to grow a business is that your head (and notebooks, oh so many notebooks) get filled with lots of ideas that you want to try 'one day' when you 'have some spare time'. Well, I am beginning to realise there is no such thing as 'spare time' and that the only way to turn these ideas into reality is to just pick one and get on with it! 

So the other day I sat down with my pattern paper and pens and scissors and got to work on a new journal pattern. Same size as before. Just a different style. I love the linen/cotton base cloth I've found and wanted to develop a journal that will show off some of the smaller scale fabrics I have. And here is the finished result, complete with a new press stud closure. I love it! Drafting the pattern is always the most time consuming part, so now that's out of the way, I can get straight into cutting, sewing, ironing and finishing a big pile of these.

My first prototype was destined to be a gift for a friend who is about to have a baby. Here it is all wrapped and ready to go.

One idea crossed off the list. Countless more to go!


  1. Very cute and sleek. Great way to use those smaller pieces of fabric.
    I'm still loving and using my London Map Journal!

  2. and such a beautiful idea. find some more time and get those ideas out there! Your journal's are gorgeous x

  3. Hmm yes, I can so understand that dilemma and glad that I am not the only one suffering from that problem. It looks so beautiful wrapped up too

  4. Isn't it funny how protoyptes become gifts!

  5. What a lovely, lovely journal! Good for you for acting on your inspiration.

  6. What a lovely friend you are:) Love the new journal design!!

  7. It looks great! So cute! Yay!

  8. What a beautiful job you've done! I can totally relate to your 'spare time' dilemma!! And I think you've worked out the secret!

    Thank you for your comment about my Inside Out mention, I was soo surprised to see Three Buttons mentioned!

    Sorry I missed you at the Thread Den market, hope I see you again soon!!

    Angela xx

  9. Ooh very snappy! (get it? snap button.. snappy...) Anyway it looks great I bet it will be popular.


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