i heart: my local greengrocer

September 13, 2009

This is a bit of a strange 'i heart' post but it is in keeping with the 'live simply' theme I seem to have started so just go with me on this one : )

I've just returned from a trip to my local green grocer (these photo's are unfortunately not from my local, but you get the idea!). I love shopping here for several reasons:
  • The fruit and vegies are always super fresh and delicious.
  • The staff are friendly and helpful and are always laughing and chatting with each other.
  • The store closes early occasionally for 'team award nights'. I love this!
  • They have a great selection of other goodies such as cheeses, olives, chocolate, and general supplies - so you can do a big chunk of your weekly shopping in the one place.
  • The store is walking distance from my place - perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll!
Today when I visited I overhead a conversation between one of the staff with a customer, they were discussing the different ways to cook a certain style of potato. I love knowing there are knowledgeable staff who are happy to answer any question I may have. I came home with a bulging bag (one of my reusable ones of course!) of colourful fruits and vegetables and daydreams of all the delicious things I am going to cook this week.

After my green grocer outing I had to venture into the supermarket (one of those large chain ones) to get a few remaining items from my list. What a contrast! Trolleys jostling in the narrow aisles. Rows of pre-packaged fruit and vegies. Fluoro lighting. Staff who barely say hello when you go through the checkout. I was in and out of there as fast as I could be, vowing to myself to never go there again on a Sunday afternoon! 

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  1. absolutely no comparison btwn the local greengrocer and the supermarket, is there? how lucky are we to have so much choice?! love it. happy cooking with all your new produce. x


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