my weekend in pictures (and a few words)

September 21, 2009

Saturday Day: Snapped some shots of my new work neighbourhood while on lunch. Enjoyed spanish food while sitting in the sun. Much nicer than previous shopping centre environment.

Saturday Night: Visited friends for dinner. They cooked Thai Green Curry (from scratch!) which was amazing. Drank too much white wine sangria while listening to 80's music. A great night! 

Sunday Morning: Slept. Slept some more.

Sunday Day: Finally dragged myself out of bed, put on my red shoes and headed to Abbotsford Convent to visit the Shirt and Skirt Market. Bought something I shouldn't have. Had a relaxing morning wandering about in the sun.

Sunday Afternoon: Checked out Ironside Studios Open Day. 

Sunday Afternoon (Later): Did some window shopping on Brunswick Street. Visited Penny at Rose Street Market. Enjoyed delicious Vegie Bar lunch. Went and saw a movie at the Nova in Carlton.

Monday (Night): Still dreaming about most of the furniture in this shop. Must go back there soon. And leave my wallet at home!


  1. You're really making me yearn for the days when I was single with a disposable income! I spend my weekends pushing my toddler to the park on his tricycle.

  2. Sounds like a productive weekend and lovely to see you Sunday :) I saw that movie last night and laughed a little bit too much.

    And if that's the shop I think it is (last photo) it's way too close to my house and I'm not allowed to even look in the window!

  3. I love going to Rose St Market, and of course, Veg Bar :)


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