i heart: aprons

October 14, 2009

Do I need this dress? Probably not.
Do I want this dress? Definitely yes.

Available from pip-squeak chapeau etc.

Found via 3 sheets.


  1. Yes you need that dress, it would suit you so much. Anyway you need a new frock for the markets. :-) ;-)

  2. I need this dress too... oh, and the gold coat! Did you see that one? It wouldn't be too difficult to make though, don't you think? or something similar anyway... I'm getting ideas now ;) Thanks for the link. K

  3. I can totally see you wearing that dress!!!

  4. *blush* I have the pattern for this at home (or one very very similar), it is a 1970's pattern for an apron. I used the idea to make this a while back: http://alittlebitofkaos.blogspot.com/2009/01/dotty-smock-or-pinafore.html



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