sunday stash: raindrops keep falling

November 22, 2009

image credit: lara cameron

OK, so technically this gorgeous fabric by Lara Cameron is not part of my stash, I just have a thing for raindrops at the moment so it seemed fitting to match these feelings with a lovely fabric design. I hope you will let me bend the rules a little bit....

Today I woke to the sound of rain falling on the roof. It was a beautiful feeling to be lying in bed, listening to the rain, enjoying the darkness of an overcast morning. I love the rain, and I love being able to work from home with the windows open, allowing the sound and the smell of the outside world to surround me. It's days like these I prefer to work without any music in the background, to be able to fully appreciate what is going on around me. 

Now, getting back to all things fabric, you will know I have a bit of a weakness for Lara's lovely designs. I have started to accumulate quite a stash of them, including several metres of my favourite rooftops design. Yes, several metres! What am I going to do with all that fabric? Well, I am excited to announce that in a couple of weeks time on Sunday 6th December, Rabbit & the Duck will be joining the Ink & Spindle girls at the Melbourne Design Market in Federation Square (insert squeal of delight here!). I am currently working on a range of wares to be shown on their stand, including linen cushions, journals, clutches and purses. There may be a few other little bits and pieces as well. I'll be at the market in person from about 3pm onwards, so please stop by and say hello if you are about!

Also on Sunday 6th, I will having my own little stall at the Elevenses cafe in Kensington. Such a fun idea - enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and do your handmade Christmas shopping at the same time! I'll be there from 10am-2pm to help you get your holiday season sorted. 

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. It is lovely and I join you in your love of open windows and the scent of it surrounding you in the silence! Bliss!

  2. Joining you with this lovely rain this morning, isn't it beautiful? As is your stash, how appropriate and gorgeous. Tam xo

  3. Rain anytime is good ! You have a lot going on , congratulations .

  4. Love your stash this week...stunning.

  5. Hooray! I love that fabric, I wish it was mine.

  6. Shannon, congrats on grabbing some space with Ink & Spindle. It has been wonderful following your journey. Have fun.
    Enjoy those rain drops


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