a true friend....

November 8, 2009

.... is someone who:
  • knows how important a nice ironing board cover is for someone who sews a lot;
  • knows that your current ironing board cover has no elastic, is covered in burn marks, and is not at all enjoyable to use;
  • is out shopping, spies an ironing board cover in a pattern you may like, and gifts it to you when you next see each other.
Thanks so much D, I have been ironing all afternoon and it's been made a bit more tolerable thanks to my lovely new cover.

It's the simple things.... : )

PS. Yes, I always line my labels up like this after ironing the ends over, it's a sign of my freakish neatness ; ) 


  1. I have to agree that your friend has her priorities in order. LOL Cherrie

  2. I like your labels, have you made them? I have tried to make my own but they are not as nice than yours.

  3. ooh, if i had such lovely labels, i'd line them up like that too.

  4. Morning from Maine. I am looking for new labels. Might I ask, where do you have yours made? I have tried several distributers but have beeb really disappointed. Simple and elegant, that is my approach and yours are wonderful...Thanks

  5. brill. reminds me I need a new one too. do I have to measure it first? Anothe reason to put off getting one..
    just found your blog and I like it!


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