sunday stash - she'll be apples

May 31, 2009

image from kelani fabrics

This cute apple fabric arrived in my mailbox this week from Kelani. I can't wait to turn it into journal covers, wallets, purses, buttons and magnets. Plus possibly a large library style tote (because you'll need something to carry around all those other matching accessories!).

What is this Sunday Stash thing all about?
Check out the ever-growing stash on Flickr.

the local shop

May 30, 2009

the local shop
262 high street
ph: 03 9489 8651

... my newist stockist!

I love, love, love this shop - it is part florist, part shop filled with lots of lovely handmade goodness from all your favourite local designers. I am surrounded by good company here - pocket carnival, buttons by lou lou, made by white, and victoria mason, to name a few! 

Just another reason to move to Northcote, really.

a day on the farm

Today I got to hang out with 3 of my most gorgeous girlfriends + partners + kids. We spent the day at CERES organic farm in East Brunswick, and had a lovely time checking out the veggie gardens, browsing the market and nursery, and feeding the chickens. I'd forgotten how much I love coming to this place. Sitting in the sun in the cafe courtyard, enjoying some yummy organic food + good conversation, you could easily forget that you are in the middle of Melbourne's inner city. More images on my Flickr.

it's sale time

May 29, 2009

With the promise of exciting new winter stock on the way, I've put a few things on sale in my Etsy shop - I'll be adding more sale items over the coming days. Go grab yourself a bargain!

together again

I am happy to say that the rabbit and the duck have been reunited at last. I found the rabbit today, hiding out in this shop on High Street, Northcote. How he got there, I do not know. I hope he enjoyed his little holiday.

I absolutely love Northcote, it has such a great creative feel to it. It seems I am always over there, last weekend I made the trek from my place (on the opposite side of the city) on both of my days off. I ended up spending the night at a friend's place to avoid driving back a third time. And tomorrow I am heading over that way again, to catch up with the girls at CERES organic farm. I think I just need to move over there. But not yet. I still have 10 months on my lease. But after that....yes, I think a move might be in order. 

In other home-related news, I have been thinking about possible options to decorate a big blank wall in my bedroom. While walking home from the grocery store this afternoon (weighed down by a pumpkin, more about that later) I popped into the newsagent to flick through my favourite interior mags. I opened the page to a fabulous picture of a coathanger collection, displayed on random hooks across a wall. Perfect! But where does one find gorgeous vintage wooden hangers? I may have to start visiting more op shops and trash n treasure markets. I did discover these beauties on Etsy, which has inspired me to decorate some of my own hangers, just to get started. I wonder if my collection will look as good as the one in the magazine despite having to use 3M removable hooks? Hm, we'll see.

Wooden coathangers by Paloma's Nest.

And now back to the pumpkin. The cooler weather has had me thinking about pumpkin soup all week. Tonight I finally gave in and made a big batch, using this recipe. So good! I'm now all warm and full and motivated to get crafting. 

See you tomorrow!

my heart belongs to paris

May 27, 2009

Some images to inspire your afternoon...

I'll be dreaming of Paris as I get ready to head off to work - we have a sale on tonight and the store is open until midnight! I've baked another batch of peanut butter cookies to keep the team happy (and to give me enough of a sugar rush to stay awake until closing time).

Au Revoir!

the first step

I have just opened a new savings account and named it 'France 2010'. Woo! My first deposit was courtesy of Mr Rudd. Is it a bit naughty to be saving my 'stimulus' to spend in another country? 

weekly roundup

May 26, 2009

So... I had planned to show you more and better photographs from the Sonny & Coco market, including some of my new products, but I got a bit sidetracked chatting to people on the day and forgot to get my camera out. So until I find some time this week (or um, maybe next week) to snap some shots, you will have to squint or perhaps use your zoom to check out my new wallets (front centre) and fabric covered magnets (top left). Note to self: magnets are hugely popular it seems, so make lots more for the next market.

In other news this week:
  • I shared some of the best chocolate cake ever with my friend Jess, who baked the aforementioned cake for a crafty catchup we had on the weekend. I just finished the last piece and will admit to microwaving the cake with some chocolate chips sprinkled over it, so that they melted to form a sort of chocolate sauce. I don't think I have to say how good that was.
  • I had a lovely (and healthier) dinner at another good friends house on Sunday night - I did actually take some pictures with my new camera, but they all turned out blurry. I may need to read the instruction manual after all.
The Rabbit & the Duck have a busy week coming up, there is new fabric to buy, journals to sew, and a wholesale order to drop off to a new stockist! All will be revealed later in the week if my sewing to do list goes according to plan. Fingers crossed. xx

my new favourite dress

May 21, 2009

New from old has been a hot topic around here at the moment. A friend and I both recently stumbled across the Wardrobe Refashion project, where you sign up to a 2, 4 or 6 month contract and pledge to either create your own clothing, or refashion preloved items. I do love the sound of this, but at this stage in my sewing career (can you call it a career?) I have yet to attempt to make any sort of clothing. I'm worried I will end up having to wear something that resembles a sack. I also don't seem to have the ability to look at a thrifted find and imagine another way to use it. 

image kindly borrowed from grosgrain

I've long been a fan of the grosgrain blog. Every week I get to be inspired by the fabulous creations that Kathleen makes from seemingly beyond hope thrift shop purchases. This particular dress has pushed me over the edge and I can totally imagine myself wearing it on a Summer's day, perhaps enjoying a picnic with fresh baked desserts and sparkling drinks. 

If you are keen to win this dress, click on over to:
Blueberry Pie Refashioned Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

late breaking news!

May 18, 2009

Rabbit & the Duck will be appearing at the Sonny & Coco market this Sunday 24 May!

The market is open from 10am - 4pm and is located at 284-286 Gower Street, Preston (Melway Reference Map 18 G12). 

Please pop by and say hello if you are in the neighbourhood, I will be unveiling some new products and just between you and me, they are super cute : )

sunday stash: one perfect day

May 17, 2009

It's been awhile since I've participated in a Sunday Stash so I thought I should get my act into gear! This linen was a recent acquisition from Amitie, and is so perfect in every way (the picture really doesn't do it justice). If only it hadn't been so pricey I would have bought much more than the small 20cm piece I ended up taking home. 

I've now reached the end of my collection of pre-photographed fabrics, which gives me a great excuse to try out my NEW CAMERA that I picked up yesterday. I am so excited, I just hope I will be able to understand all the buttons and settings on it. I've never been one to read instruction manuals.

And lastly, today really was a perfect day. It could have gone either way this morning when a friend woke me up with a text message at 7.30am. But today was one of those days where everything fell into place. I did have to go to work, but I had the loveliest customers, met some great people, and had a really fun day. Tonight I made pizza for dinner and am now considering baking a batch of those addictive peanut butter choc chip cookies. Which I may eat while soaking in a hot bath. Yup, a perfect end to a perfect day!

EDIT: The recipe for the cookies can be found via this post. I take no responsibility for what happens if you bake them. Like eating 4 cookies in one day. One at breakfast, morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. I would have had one with dinner too but I left the last cookie at work to force good behaviour upon myself!

love at first sight

May 15, 2009

The new Elk winter range is out! I am in love.

1. Stormy Brooch ($30 AUD)
2. Bulb Brooch ($45 AUD)
3. Cabin Brooch ($30 AUD)

a few of my favourite things

image kindly borrowed from little book room

This book is top of my 'must buy' list - how could I resist when it combines three of my favourite things - shopping, Paris, and handmade loveliness.

With so much change happening in my life at the moment, I have decided to set myself a few goals so that I have something to work towards. My biggest goal is that I want to take the overseas trip I have been thinking of for so long. Paris and France are a possibility, so really, this book would count as research. 

My biggest challenge with an overseas trip is figuring out how to pay for it! I really should be on the sewing machine making products for my shop rather than dreaming about wandering through the streets of Paris, eating delicious treats and gazing into quaint shop windows. Time to get organised and get off the computer I think! 

it's not all about the technology

image originally uploaded by mecookie

I am almost hesitant to write about what I have been doing all morning. And most of last night. You see, my internet got reconnected yesterday. And I have barely been able to drag myself away from my laptop. Last night it came to bed with me for some much needed blog reading. This morning I've been plonked on a stool at the dining table catching up on all those things I haven't been able to do easily over the past few weeks - updating my own blog, checking my Etsy shop, paying my bills with internet banking (not a favourite activity). 

Although it feels great to reconnect to everyone in this way, I have been thinking more and more about the simple pleasure of receiving a handwritten note in the mail. A letter written by a friend. A postcard from a far away place. I started thinking about a possible letter swap that I could run, but then I discovered I didn't need to reinvent the wheel - the lovely folk over at postcrossing have already done it! How does it work?

- You register your details
- You get sent an address of someone in the world
- You send them a postcard! 
- You are then eligible to receive a postcard from someone else

What a great idea! I have already signed myself up and am looking forward to sending off my first postcard. 

More to come...

my lucky day

May 8, 2009

image originally uploaded by hannah aviva

This afternoon I'm tucked away at table 27 (my lucky number, how could I resist sitting here?) in a local cafe that has free wireless internet when you buy a coffee. chocolate in hand (with 2 marshmallows), here I am, slowly making my way through emails and 765 blog posts (boy you guys have a lot to write about!).

This week has been one of reflection, fuelled by the discovery of a box of old letters and photographs from my high school and university years. I have a tendency to keep every letter, card, note ever sent to me and while I often thought of throwing them out in the past, I am so glad now that I didn't. It can be quite amusing reading letters written to me by people I used to know. It makes me think - where are they now, what are they doing? As I was nearing the bottom of the pile I uncovered some emails and letters written by a once very close friend of mine. Due to a silly and stupid incident (all my fault) we lost touch many years ago. I really should have picked up the phone and apologised straight away, but for whatever reason I didn't. And now 7 or 8 years have gone by, and here I am, reading these letters and wondering where my friend is and really wanting to talk to them. So....what did I do? I picked up the phone and dialled the last known number I had for them (after checking the phone book to make sure it was still the correct number!). No answer. I tried a few more times, but still nothing. I almost lost my nerve. Would this person want to hear from me? I decided to write a letter. I crossed my fingers when I put it in the mailbox. Two weeks went by and yesterday I came home to discover a letter from my friends Mum - my friend is now living in France, and my letter has been forwarded over there! So, I'm excited, but still a bit nervous about the whole thing. I'm also kicking myself for not doing this sooner.

Hm, this has turned in to a much longer post than I had anticipated! I will spare you the other topics I was going to talk about (such as my thoughts on where my life is heading) until another time. 

PS Regular posts on crafting and sewing and other inspiration will resume shortly : )

where are you tonight?

May 1, 2009

image originally uploaded by lenton sands

Yes, I'm still here! It is taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get my internet reconnected - the technician thinks it will be another 2 weeks before I'm back up and running. Can't they just plug in a cable? And free me from my internet withdrawal symptoms? What could possibly take so long?

Anyhow, thanks to the lovely Lana, I am able to give you a quick update on some random things that have been happening in my life recently. In no particular order:

  • I have finished unpacking all my boxes. Yippee. However, the rabbit seems to have gone missing. I cannot find him anywhere. I remember thinking to myself while packing 'I'll put him here, it's nice and safe so he won't get broken'. If only I could remember where that 'safe spot' is, I'd be a happier girl.
  • I finally started sewing again today. Sewing is great therapy for a broken heart, particularly when done to a soundtrack of good (or bad, however you like to think of it) 80's music.
  • I have been exploring some of my new local area this week. Yesterday I ventured in to the fabric store around the corner (I left my purse at home to avoid temptation). It was quite soothing standing amongst the towering bolts of brightly coloured fabrics. I think this will need to be a regular activity. 
  • I have over 550 blog posts to catch up on in my Google Reader. I apologise to you all in advance if I don't get to read through them all. But I will try.
  • Tomorrow I am off to a church fete. I am hoping for lovely handmade goodies and lots of grandma craft and baking. I love a good church fete.
  • I am cooking a roast chicken for dinner tomorrow for some friends. I am very excited by this, as my previous kitchen had a very old, very small oven that had no chance of fitting a roasting dish inside. I've had the Jamie Oliver book open on my kitchen bench all week. Thank you Jamie.

Just in case you're wondering, the above image really has nothing to do with this post. I just really like it. These pegs are much nicer than the brightly coloured plastic ones I have at my place. I think it might be time to upgrade.

Until next time...(hopefully not another 2 weeks). I hear there is a cafe around the corner that offers free wireless internet, I may become a frequent visitor...

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