market countdown

July 29, 2009

Some new clutches ready for the Sisters Market this Saturday. Now with wrist strap! 

a hint for anyone wanting to buy me flowers

July 28, 2009

image credit: sanctuary

Sunflowers are my favourite flower in the entire world - there is something so cheery about them. If I came across this field I think I would burst with excitement. I remember trying to grow sunflowers when I was a little girl - having just a single one of these in my garden was a cause for celebration! 

sunday stash: yes I know I'm a day early!

July 25, 2009

Yes, I know it's still Saturday night and this is a 'Sunday Stash' post, but I'm feeling super productive at the moment and besides, I have a busy day planned tomorrow. Involving: yoga, a roast chicken lunch, a walk along the beach, and seeing the new Harry Potter movie. Yay for Sunday's!

But back to the fabric - I am loving the retro feel of this print. And anything with giant fruit on it instantly appeals to me. If I wasn't entirely convinced, then the polka dots won me over.

Found at Amitie.

a long and rambling post

July 24, 2009

'relax' by Erik van Hannen

I suggested some time ago that I would share some thoughts on where I thought my life was heading. At the time I was feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed, so I'm glad I have waited until now to write about it!

This morning I read this post by the lovely greenolive, and something she wrote has stayed in my mind:

"Letting go can be good. You can't control and plan for everything. You gotta leave some room for things to happen. Things that are even better than you could imagine."

I have always been a planner. From way back. When I was a small girl growing up I'd always be thinking of the next thing I wanted to do, and how I would do it. As I got older, my plans got bigger. Of course, I now needed more time to think about these plans. All the while, a nagging voice inside was trying to tell me I was not happy. But I pushed it aside, telling myself 'when I achieve my goals, I will be happy'.

Life continued. And then, a few months ago, everything turned upside down and I was forced to stop. And to think. Getting through the next 15 minutes seemed like a struggle, let alone the next few weeks, or months, or years.

I have changed these past few months. And I put it down to one thing. 

Being in the moment.

I never realised before that while I was planning ahead and thinking about all the great things I was going to do in the future, that life was actually happening all around me. That great things were happening RIGHT NOW. 

So. I have slowed down. I now spend more time with friends. Drinking wine. Talking. Relaxing. And not worrying that I should be doing something 'more productive'. And what do you know? When you open yourself up to people, when you start to relax, to live life, wonderful things happen. Unexpected things. People come into your life who surprise you. Who reinforce everything you have been thinking and feeling. Who make you feel like yourself. You know who you are. 

I am happier now than I have ever been.

continuing a theme

July 22, 2009

image by moira & obbie, via Flickr

I've decided that what I need in my life is a gorgeous red vintage flour sifter. 

Such as this one.

For my current baking obsession.

I don't know how I've lived so long without one.

shop profile: thread den north melbourne

July 20, 2009

I've been meaning to write a little story about the delightful Thread Den sewing lounge + shop for some time. So on my visit today to drop off some journals I made sure I took along my camera to snap some shots!

Thread Den is filled with lovely vintage finds together with lots of handmade clothing and accessories. On my last visit I couldn't resist a denim skirt by joolipa and it's since become one of my favourite things to wear. Today I had my eye on the most gorgeous yellow vintage petticoat (one of those huge full ones that make you feel like a rock n roll gal) but I was very restrained and managed to leave it in the shop.

AND some exciting news!

Thread Den are having their very own market day on Sunday August 9th - and the Rabbit & the Duck will be there! The market will be a collection of vintage, designer, and handmade treats (including some tasty ones) so should be lots of fun!

Thread Den Market Day
Sunday August 9th
@ The Lithuanian Club
44 Errol Street, North Melbourne

Hope to see you there!

new shop on the block

Image courtesy of little shop of handmade.

In a little shop on a little street in Carnegie, the 'Little Shop of Handmade' has opened.

I'm excited to have my work stocked in such a cute store, where everything is made by Melbourne designers and priced under $50!

Little Shop of Handmade is open Wed-Thu-Fri 11-6 and Sat 10-4.30. 

They are located at 8 Woorayl Street, Carnegie (just opposite the train station).  

sunday stash: how do i measure up?

July 19, 2009

Tape measure trims - is there anything more lovely? 

Well, there probably is, but that wouldn't be in keeping with this post...

My favourite is the one on the far right.

I think I will leave them pegged up on my inspiration board. It might motivate me to use them. Which would then give me a good reason to buy more. Yes, that sounds like a plan.

Happy Sunday everyone - I am off to spend the afternoon getting creative with a certain someone. Oh the mystery : )

i want to be a 1950's housewife

July 18, 2009

It's Saturday night and here I am dreaming of baking cupcakes in polka dot wrappers.

And I couldn't be happier.

Images and inspiration from Bake it Pretty.

Another find via Poppytalk.

a bit of romance on a wednesday morning

July 15, 2009

I just discovered the wonderfully romantic site via the delightful Tattie & Co blog. 

It made me smile. 

sunday stash: how predictable

July 12, 2009

More polka dots. Red and white of course.
More script. Found via Three Kitchen Fairies.
More cookie recipes. You can't see it in the photo, but one of the recipe cards on this fabric is for peanut butter choc chip cookies!

These fabrics are from Virginia Quilter, who I must thank for their super speedy service - a big package was dropped off at my front door only a few days after ordering!

See more Sunday Stash loveliness here.

out and about in melbourne

July 6, 2009

Some images from my adventures today:

1. local railway station (they had classical music playing over the loud speakers!)
3. craft victoria (they were closed when I went past unfortunately)
8. russian dolls (I can't believe I'd never been into this shop before!)

I met up with my lovely friend Nicky for lunch, did a bit of shopping (found a great dress at Douglas and Hope and it was ON SALE - of course I had to buy it) and generally had a very relaxing day despite the constant drizzle of rain. But that's Melbourne...

if i had a spare $5000 lying about...

July 5, 2009

images from kent and london

... I would buy these Alphabet Drawers.

Found via Poppy Talk.

sunday stash: let's enjoy britain

More fabric goodness from Amitie. This one ticks a lot of boxes - travel theme (tick), polka dots (tick), the colour red (tick), cute design (tick), nice linen/cotton weight (tick).

I've already sold most of the journals I've made from this - perhaps I better order some more (any excuse to buy fabric and I'll take it!).

Sunday Stash is hosted by the lovely Tam from 1/4 of an inch.

it's on again!

July 1, 2009

This Sunday.
10am - 3pm.
Preston Town Hall.
(Full address details on the side -->)

I will be there, with all your favourite Rabbit & the Duck wares, plus a few new bits and pieces (hm, not really new, more like same products, different fabrics). So kind of new. ish. 

Hope to see you there! 

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