the weekend in pictures

November 30, 2009

The weekend that was...

... happy shoppers at the Northside Makers Market in Northcote...

... wishing I'd taken up this offer ...

... gazing at these cakes and delicious things all day ...

... my first full-size stall at the Shirt and Skirt market in Abbotsford!

And yes, I managed to assemble the marquee without incident. Keeping it anchored in the gusty winds was another matter - note the 'handmade' sandbags at the base of each post. Amateur but they worked a treat!

what I'm up to this weekend

November 26, 2009

The first big weekend of the Christmas shopping season is almost here!

On Saturday you can find me at the Northside Makers Market at the Northcote Uniting Church on High Street. I'll be just inside the church right next to the very tempting Melbourne Epicure stall. How will I go being so close to all their delicious treats? We will see!

On Sunday I'm heading to the Abbotsford Convent for the Shirt & Skirt market. I'll be there from 10-4pm. I'm excited about this one as it will be the first time I've had a big stall space - 3m x 3m! It will be like a little Rabbit & the Duck shop - I'll be bringing lots of extra goodies along including my linen and wool cushions and some other new things.

Now, if only I can remember how to set up the marquee without looking like a novice it will all be good.... : )

look what arrived in the post

November 25, 2009

image credit: myf kemp

I thought I better start thinking about Christmas in a non freaking-out-about-how-much-I-have-to-do-and-make-for-the-markets-and-my-stockists kinda way.

So, I ordered these shmish-mas cards by Myf from Fontok. They just arrived this morning (I love early morning mail!) and they are super. I can't wait to write my relaxed friendly Christmas greeting on them and send them out into the world.

But for now, it's back to the sewing machine. I'm working on a new product today, to be debuted at the markets this weekend (market details to come in another post!).

the why not and just because giveaway

November 24, 2009

Who needs a reason to have a giveaway? Not me : )

Up for grabs, just in time for Christmas, is your choice of one of my 'Snap to it!' wallets. A perfect present for someone nice, or keep it for yourself. It's up to you : )

How does the giveaway work?
  1. The giveaway is open to anyone in the world - I'll post anywhere!
  2. To enter, just leave a comment on this post.
  3. Be sure to include some contact details so I can email you if you win!
  4. The giveaway is open for one week, until midnight on Tuesday 1 December. 
Good luck!

Psst...if you'd like to find out first about Rabbit & the Duck giveaways, why not sign up for our will notice a new little sign up box to your right =>

@ the zoo

A few random snaps of today's outing to the zoo. I was hoping to sneak out with that butterfly under the pretense of it being a real brooch, but that idea was short lived as soon as the butterfly decided he was done resting on my shoulder : )

sunday stash: raindrops keep falling

November 22, 2009

image credit: lara cameron

OK, so technically this gorgeous fabric by Lara Cameron is not part of my stash, I just have a thing for raindrops at the moment so it seemed fitting to match these feelings with a lovely fabric design. I hope you will let me bend the rules a little bit....

Today I woke to the sound of rain falling on the roof. It was a beautiful feeling to be lying in bed, listening to the rain, enjoying the darkness of an overcast morning. I love the rain, and I love being able to work from home with the windows open, allowing the sound and the smell of the outside world to surround me. It's days like these I prefer to work without any music in the background, to be able to fully appreciate what is going on around me. 

Now, getting back to all things fabric, you will know I have a bit of a weakness for Lara's lovely designs. I have started to accumulate quite a stash of them, including several metres of my favourite rooftops design. Yes, several metres! What am I going to do with all that fabric? Well, I am excited to announce that in a couple of weeks time on Sunday 6th December, Rabbit & the Duck will be joining the Ink & Spindle girls at the Melbourne Design Market in Federation Square (insert squeal of delight here!). I am currently working on a range of wares to be shown on their stand, including linen cushions, journals, clutches and purses. There may be a few other little bits and pieces as well. I'll be at the market in person from about 3pm onwards, so please stop by and say hello if you are about!

Also on Sunday 6th, I will having my own little stall at the Elevenses cafe in Kensington. Such a fun idea - enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and do your handmade Christmas shopping at the same time! I'll be there from 10am-2pm to help you get your holiday season sorted. 

Enjoy your Sunday!

zip me up

November 19, 2009

New zip purses! In the shop now. Um, apart from the bicycle one, which I couldn't get a good photograph of... so if you like it, please email me : )

sunday: sun, shopping, st kilda

November 16, 2009

After weeks of busy preparation for the highly anticipated Thread Den market, I woke yesterday to a beautiful morning. Call me crazy but I was out of bed by 6am and down on the beach by 6.15am for a relaxing walk along the sand. The beach is such a calming place at that time of day, I was practically the only person down there and all I could hear was the sound of the waves.   

A few hours later and I was in North Melbourne setting up my stall. A good deal of time was spent trying to figure out where to put the absolutely enormous blackboard and easel I had brought with me. After much dragging back and forth it ended up behind my stall, but I'm so glad I had it with me - I love it!

After a great day of chatting to customers and fellow stall holders (hello Penny and Susan!) I packed up the car and headed home. Feeling motivated I actually unloaded my car as soon as I got home (I have been known to leave the car packed for days after a market!). It was then off to St Kilda to spend the evening with a friend. In typical Melbourne fashion we met outside Luna Park before enjoying a night of great food (oh gelati how I love thee), walking and talking along the beach, and a beer at a secret St Kilda hangout with great views, peace and quiet, and cheap drinks (I can't tell you where, that would spoil the secret!).

And yes, I wore my Summer dress again. It was the perfect choice for a perfect day.

time for a holiday?

November 9, 2009

It wasn't at all intentional but it seems that all the product shots I selected for this post have a travel related theme... perhaps my subconscious is trying to tell me something? As much as I would love to jump on a plane and head to Paris, there is work to be done. Markets to prepare for. Orders to fill. An Etsy shop to restock. What was that? Did I say Etsy shop? Yes, my poor neglected shop has had a makeover, and is now stocked with lots of lovely things just in time for Christmas. There will be more products added in the coming days and weeks.
To celebrate this significant occasion I am offering 10% off any purchase (excluding postage) in my Etsy shop from now until the end of November. Just pop the word 'blog' in the message to seller box when checking out so I know to send you a revised invoice (or I will refund the discount if you choose to pay straight away). 

Hm I'm also thinking I should have baked a cake to celebrate ; )

a true friend....

November 8, 2009

.... is someone who:
  • knows how important a nice ironing board cover is for someone who sews a lot;
  • knows that your current ironing board cover has no elastic, is covered in burn marks, and is not at all enjoyable to use;
  • is out shopping, spies an ironing board cover in a pattern you may like, and gifts it to you when you next see each other.
Thanks so much D, I have been ironing all afternoon and it's been made a bit more tolerable thanks to my lovely new cover.

It's the simple things.... : )

PS. Yes, I always line my labels up like this after ironing the ends over, it's a sign of my freakish neatness ; ) 

sunday stash: stitch me on

I've been busily making lots of new fabric covered buttons for my stash - these ones are destined for some clutch purses, but there are more to come for the Thread Den market next Sunday. NEXT SUNDAY! Where is the year going? There is still a very long to do list in front of me, maybe I should hide it (as suggested by Penny) and just see what happens?

saturday morning

November 7, 2009

Sun + sand + summer dress + a good friend with a new camera = a beautiful way to spend a Saturday morning. 

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