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January 13, 2010

In keeping with the 'organised' 'prepared' and 'ahead of time' goals I've set for Rabbit & the Duck this year, I'm excited to share with you our latest greeting cards. OK, so Valentine's Day is still a month away, but why wait until then to tell someone you think they're spunky? These and a few other designs are now available over at Etsy

I also spent some time last night procrastinating (I mean working) on some other ideas to get you inspired for the season of love and romance.   
How great is this camera + album kit from Kikki K? You could plan a little adventure somewhere, take a few snaps, enjoy the fun of getting your photographs developed, and then put together an album to remember the day. 

image credit: night owl disco

Or how about writing a love letter to that special someone? There's nothing like receiving a real handwritten letter (or real newspaper and magazine clipped words) in your postbox.

image credit: tiffany zajas

Disguise your gift with some gorgeous wrapping.

And these are my favourite. You could leave little stamped notes in your lovers underwear. Or maybe you want to use them on the brown paper lunch bags your lover takes to work. So many options! Buy your own set of stamps here


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