i made it for myself

January 12, 2010

Running a crafty business,  you often get caught up with making stuff for everyone else and never seem to find the time to make something just for you.

So, with a few spare minutes the other night I finally finished this wooden button brooch I've had sitting on my work table for the past couple of months. Hooray!


  1. simple, but pretty.
    i often find myself in the same situation - never having time to make things for myself.
    im hoping to change that.

  2. So simple, yet SO beautiful!
    I have to commend you, as my pile of "things to mend, make, up-cycle" for myself grows and grows, especially as my business grows!
    All crafters in business of the world should unite to say "we shall give back to thy self as we give to others!" tee hee


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