i heart: french tights

February 5, 2010

image credit: les queues de sardines (found via all the mountains

Oh my....how lovely are these? With the rainy weather we are having in Melbourne today, I have Winter wardrobe ideas on my mind. And travelling to Paris. To buy some of these tights. I think that's a good reason to go to Paris, don't you?


  1. those tights are just lovely, The french are always on the ball when it comes to fashion!

  2. I always buy new tights when in Paris. Even the cheap chainstore ones are lovely. On my wedding day I wore sheer pink stockings with black polkadots which I got in Genoa, Italy. They're thoroughly laddered now but I'll never throw them out.

  3. Definitely! Is there any other reason to go to Paris?

  4. Love the tights! I had to dig mine out on Friday due to the Melbourne weather.

  5. What a magic blog you have here, so glad I found you :D


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