sunday stash: babushka and red

February 21, 2010

The postie has been delivering lots of lovely treats recently including these new favourite fabrics. I excitedly unwrapped the package last week, but had forgotten I'd even ordered the red riding hood fabric. I love surprises like that!

New wallets featuring these prints will be available soon.

There are also some new products in the pipeline, the first of which I'm hoping to unveil in the next couple of weeks - stay tuned! 


  1. Oh, wow, great fabric. Where did you order if from? I'd put some in a fram, I think!

  2. Those both are so fine!

    Hope you have great Sunday!
    It's real winter here, about -20 degrees and it's snowing. How's there?

  3. they are so sweet and delicate. i suppose they are only available locally? what a happy find, really like the blog!

  4. These cute fabrics came from Etsy! So many good fabrics to be found on there : )


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