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March 15, 2010

One of the best things about markets is getting to meet lots of lovely new people (customers + stallholders alike). Yesterday I was lucky enough to have great market neighbours on both sides. To my left, the local green grocer, who kept me well supplied with drinks and snacks. And to my right, the lovely girls from Nut & Bright with their pretty vintage inspired dresses.

Hannah Dress: image credit Nut & Bright

After participating in a bit of a swap I came home with the above dress. I love it! You can wear it two ways - front to back, or back to front.  

Tea Dress: image credit Nut & Bright

This one almost came home with me too but I restrained myself....

For more cute dresses, visit the Nut & Bright blog. Gorgeous!


  1. I love your new dress! Well done on the swap!

  2. ooo...ooo...I love a good swap! I'll always have my gorgeous 'we'll always have Paris' journal by my bedside. It'll be home to random life ideas and maybe drawings of new dresses! =)Thanks for making my precious journal, Shannon!


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