sunday stash: up up and away

March 21, 2010

image credit: amy cools

Some of you will remember reading about my love affair with hot air balloons. Last night while searching on Etsy for fabric to make my first ever quilt I came across this 1960's print. It took all of 5 seconds to add it to my cart and checkout. I'm so excited! I hope it lands in my mailbox soon!


  1. great looking print, can't wait to see the quilt

  2. OMG! If I'd have seen this last night I would have pounced in it too. It's awesome...what a fabulous find.

  3. How can you not love red and white fabric? I saw about 5 hot air balloons this morning on the way to the Camberwell markets.

  4. Great fabric Shannon.
    After your quilt is finished I would love you to blog about so everyone can see.


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