again in daylesford

April 19, 2010

Yesterday a lovely friend and I made the trip up to Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. There was sunshine. There was singing (in the car only!). There was food. And there was the Lark shop! Allison has just finished renovating the shop and it looks gorgeous. I was particularly fond of the Cath Kidston corner. And those cakes - how sweet (no pun intended) do they look? 

On Allison's recommendation we headed down to Lake Daylesford to get in some much needed lying on the grass in the sunshine relaxation time : ) There had been mention of toadstools and I jokingly said that I was hoping for red ones with white spots. I thought they only appeared in fairytales, but no, there they were - a whole carpet of them! It was a spectacular sight and I spent a good portion of time snapping away with my camera. 

Our next stop of the day was Hepburn Springs - and in particular - Portal 108. I'm excited to announce that Rabbit & the Duck journals and wallets are now available in this lovely shop! 

I love, love, love that cushion with the girl in the red polka dot dress! Thank you Connie and Kyla - it was great to meet you both!


  1. What a fabulous way to spend another glorious autumn day. My mood was slightly soured by finding out my in-laws will be stuck with us for at least another week, but it is cheering me up to read these posts. I have to get into "life goes on' mode! Thx! ;-)

  2. Great toadstools- what a glorious day- they do lok rather magical...

  3. Incredible-I was just discussing going to Hepburn Springs for the long weekend with my partner and then I pop onto your blog and there it is! Now we must go! Always helps to know there are nice shops to see! Thanks :)

  4. OMG I did NOT know those mushrooms grew in this country. I MUST MUST see them. Exactly WHERE on the lake can they be found? Do you think they would still be there?

    I've never seen any before and I always fantasise about them.

    MUST see!

    Also, I knew about Lark, but not Portal 108, I'll have to go there now too. I really hope we get our car back this weekend! *prays to panel beating gods*

  5. Darn, I meant to subscribe to replies for that one. :(

  6. Hi Suze! The toadstools were under the pine trees that are growing on the opposite side of the lake to the kiosk / main picnic area. It's quite a hilly part of the lake - you walk down a steep section from the main road and there they are. I don't know much about the life cycle of toadstools so cross my fingers for you they are still there - if no kids have kicked them all by now : (

  7. Gorgeous mushrooms! And I have just realised that I never replied to your (much) earlier email re catching up for a cup of tea and fabric examination. I would LOVE to, once I'm back from Kununurra in early June. I have some materials I think you'll love.....

  8. I visited on Monday. Gorgeous. I also noticed that cushion in your photo. I should have taken some photos. We had a great day out as well. Lou.

    BTW Blog looks great.

  9. Greetings from Utah. I just have to say What a beautiful blog and products you have. I especially love the vibrant photos to the toadstools in this posting At first glance i thought they were yard decor, Just beautiful!


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