ring ring

April 10, 2010

Ring Ring...

Rabbit: 'Hello?'

Duck: 'Hello Rabbit! It's Duck here. I'm out and about and just wanted to call so I had an excuse to get out my brand new mobile phone pouch'.

Rabbit: 'Oh really? What's so special about it?'

Duck: 'Well, it's made from a lovely linen/cotton in a really cute print, and fits my phone snugly as it's secured with an elastic band'.

Rabbit: 'Sounds good! Where can I get one of those?'

Duck: 'I hear they will be at the Thread Den market tomorrow in North Melbourne'.

Rabbit: 'Fabulous! See you there!'

Duck: 'See you there! Bye now!'

Rabbit: 'Bye!'


  1. Great idea Shannon, I look forward to seeing how they sell. Does it fit an iphone?
    Have a great market, Kylie

  2. Hi Kylie! The phone pouches do fit an iphone : ) I think I will need to borrow one when I do my photo shoot for the online store, seems I am the last person on the planet who does not have an iphone hehe.

  3. loved seeing all your beautiful items today at the NMM! My stall was not too far away from yours...chk out my blog for mention of your adorable site.




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