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May 23, 2010

Working from home comes with certain positives, and also certain negatives.

Positives include:
  • You can work in your pj's if you feel the urge.
  • The commute is great!
  • You save $$$ not having to rent a separate studio space.
However, there are a few downsides:
  • When you live in a one bedroom apartment, making space for your work can be tricky.
  • Every surface - kitchen bench, sofa, ironing board, dining chair - is used for various projects.
  • You sometimes forget you are working in your pj's and open the door at 3pm to receive a delivery, to the surprised look of the delivery driver.
After a few months of running Rabbit & the Duck from home, things were getting a bit out of control. To say I was feeling a bit flustered with the amount of 'stuff' in my place is an understatement. Yesterday while catching up with my neighbour, she suggested we try moving things around. At first I dismissed the idea, thinking I already had the best configuration and simply needed to tidy and declutter. But as the day progressed I got a few ideas and it wasn't long before I was pushing bookcases across the floor.

Here is the result! I wish I had taken a 'before' shot - previously, two of the bookcases were stacked on top of each other and acted as a room divider - my work table (dining table) was on the kitchen side, and I had a sofa, coffee table and more storage on the other. 

The coffee table is now in the shed and the bookcases are along the wall, making space in the centre of the room for me to fully extend my work table - an extra 50cm of work space - hooray! There's even room at the end of the table to fit in some shelves, but that will happen in Stage 2 : )

Finally, I can get some of my fabric bolts off the floor and stacked neatly.

Journals journals journals - all tidy and waiting for new homes to go to : )

I'm feeling very inspired to go to work on Monday morning now!


  1. you're so good an neat ... I have a four bedroom hose and there is crap from here to tomorrow ... every space has some of my stuff on it. Very understanding partner :)

  2. wonderful workspace! you've inspired me to do some reorganizing of my own.

  3. I too have the same ikea shelf in natural wood colour everything is matching in my studio space. I use the shelf more like a bench where I place my mac :) OO you inspired me to do a workspace feature!

  4. it brings a fresh mental perspective to rearrange things, doesn't it? I love your journal covers!

  5. Looks great!!

    I love before and after shots; but always forget to take the before shot! lol

    Can't wait for the travel journal to arrive!!! finally ordered it today yay!!

  6. Good on you! Sometimes it does take the simple suggestion of someone else for us to consider the possibilities. I'm impressed with your new work space despite not seeing it previously. You have inspired me to clean up my boudoir (and everywhere else where my crap extends within our 3-bedroom house)! It seems that the more space you have, the more you tend to spread your s*#t around.

  7. Wow! It look fab! You've inspired me to have a go at re-arranging my studio (aka the front room) tomorrow.

  8. i feel so excited for you, what a wonderful feeling to clear the clutter and create more space! good for you, it looks wonderful.

  9. whoa! now that is a seriously organised work space! yep, looks very inspiring. :)

  10. i love love love it! You've done so well. And look at that long list of suppliers over're creating a storm with all that handmade goodness. so good!

  11. Nice, looks very spacious. What a great big table!
    it's amazing what a reorganised workspace does to your headspace, isn't it?


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