the girl loves to bake

June 4, 2010

A foggy Friday morning was the perfect setting for home baked banana bread and morning tea with the lovely Anna from Able and Game and Penny from Pocket Carnival.

There was tea drinking. Chatting. Perhaps a little bit of gossip. And a small amount of business talk, just enough so we could call the morning a 'business meeting'. 

And now it's time for more tea and cake I think! 


  1. wow, sounds far more fun than the types of business meetings i have!!

  2. mmm. i like your type of business meetings :) perfect day for cake and a cuppa here too x

  3. It was just what the doctor ordered, I think I had developed cabin fever having not gone out all week.

  4. hi shannon. just wanted to leave a comment to say i've been reading your blog for agggeeess, and you have inspired me to start up my own etsy shop, doing what i love - sewing. thank you.


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