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June 26, 2010

This week I thought it would be fun to organise my many boxes of fabric remnants left over from bigger projects. Oh the joy of tipping all my fabric on the floor, and the sofa, and the work table, and being able to dig through it all. Reminiscing over favourite designs. Discovering patterns I thought were long gone. 

Now, my fabric sorting was done with a purpose in mind. Firstly, after many requests at markets, I have put together a small number of fabric covered brooches. Hooray! 

And secondly, I have put together a few remnant packs. Each pack is based on a colour theme - I'm quite partial to the red and navy collection myself and was almost tempted to keep it after seeing how good the fabrics looked together. But no, these fabrics are destined for new homes, new projects, a second life.  

Available tomorrow at the North Melbourne Market - 10am to 2pm at the Lithuanian Club on Errol Street. The early bird catches the worm, or fabric, or brooch, in this case!


  1. those fabric packs look delicious! such potential!!

  2. Yes it's a penguin! I found a small piece of fabric in the bottom of my remnants box. I still have the brooch if you'd like it - they are $10 AUD each + postage.

  3. I live thousands of miles away from Melbourne *sigh. 10 AUD would be equivalent to 30 from where I am. DEFINITELY WORTH IT! Haha Postage as in you send it through mail right?
    How do I transfer the money to you?

  4. Yes I can send it in the mail : ) If you email me at shannon@rabbitandtheduck.com I'll give you more details : )

  5. They looks so sweet! How did you manage to part with the one that has the cute little apron on front?


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