i heart: vintage aprons

June 8, 2010

Lately I've been thinking that I'd like to start a collection of something. In primary school it was postage stamps, and I also had a pretty cool collection of erasers. Never mind that I gained most of them by giving out the answers to homework questions in return for the best eraser in a kid's pencil case....

Anyhow, I have a love of all things vintage and think that a collection of vintage aprons might be the way to go. Beautiful, and practical. Anything that encourages me to bake more also gains bonus points.

Perhaps a few of these lovelies will kick start my collection:

Sheer floral apron - available here.

I do love an apron with a pocket - available here.

Red polka dot apron - available here.

And how cute is this blue gingham number? Love the cocktail shaker accessorising! Available here.


  1. they are so adorable! i want them all :) x

  2. oh these are lovely. I think an apron collection is awesome. I have a couple myself, some I made, and some are old. I have more fabric purchased just for aprons too oh and lace. I really need to get them made.

  3. Love the lemon apron - too cute!

  4. Mum sent me down a cool red gingham one ... it's so daggy it's cool


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